This Poor ’64 Corvette Needs Our Help

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Alright, I’m going to warn you right now: the story you are about to hear is graphic in nature. Those with timid hearts and weak stomachs should look away. Now. This is not pretty.

Here we have one of our forum member’s prized ’64 Corvettes that received some “damage” a few weeks ago. ChattanoogaJSB was just taking a leisurely cruise when a semi decided to invade his lane. Here’s the story, as he tells it:

I was taking a cruise today to pick up my son from soccer camp, passing an 18 wheeler in slow traffic he merged onto me on I-24 and did this with his RF wheel. The semi driver has admitted full fault and I have the report number from the police to pick up and phone copies of his statement admitting fault. The officer was very clear about him being fully liable.

Although I have his information for a claim directly against him, hagerty suggested strongly I file a claim with them and use their collector adjustment process- and that they will pursue the carriers insurance. I have started the claim. They have someone coming Monday and have been very on the spot.

My question is am I on the “right track” many of you would take in this situation? My door striker attached to the birdcage still works but all the door and door jamb fiberglass to the rear is blown apart. With the door shut the top lines up great and the door glass is unbroken it seems. The control arm is probably toast and I have no idea if the frame is slightly tweaked.

You guys know I LOVE my car, and I’m so sorry this happened. My wife is rightfully grateful it didn’t involve injury or worse. 

The chunks of fiberglass that came flying into the cabin are not things I will soon forget!”

Awful, right? Fortunately everyone’s okay, but still, awful. So if you have any suggestions on how to fix ChattanoogaJSB’s car, please sound off.

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