Badass Zora ZR1 Rendering Rolls off the Presses

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C8 rendering text

I’m betting every Corvette fan in the world will be picking up the October issue of Car and Driver.

In fact, I just texted a friend who works near a magazine stand to see if he can grab me a copy of this one. I can’t recall the last time I coughed up cash for a hard copy of a car mag with so much of the stuff now available online.

The Car and Driver cover shot, which I sit drooling over as I type this piece, showcases a hot red rendering of what that next-gen mid-engine Corvette could look like, as highlighted in a Jalopnik report.


Touted as the potential new flagship Corvette bearing the Zora name, the story covers everything from the engine that could power the car to the overall chassis.

I’ll pick up on more of the spec stuff later after I’ve had a chance to go through the Car and Driver story more in-depth, but for now, I’m just trying to catch my breath from looking at this cover.

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