Charvetteamino Mix Up May Be the Strangest Car We’ve Ever Seen

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Have you ever wanted to mix a Chrysler LX-chassis Charger with a C5 Corvette and an ’80s El Camino? You haven’t? No, I suppose I haven’t either, but someone had that desire, and for some reason they acted on it. This abomination has about as much forethought as a drunken night of screaming at your friends: “We should start a band!” But then you actually did start a band, and it was just as awful as you thought it would be. This person must not have any true friends to tell him when to stop, or else a project of this caliber would never leave the discussion phase.


The photos are equally low quality, but it’s pretty easy to tell what happened here. The C5 rear end and the Charger front end actually fit well enough, and the bodywork involved seems to be quite pro-level. I just can’t imagine why anyone would want to do this. But everyone is entitled to their own vehicular tastes, I suppose. Of course, not having seen this car in person, it is entirely possible that someone with passable Photoshop skills is just trolling the internet.

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