How-To Tuesday: Corvette Wheel Spacers

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Some rims fit. Some rims don’t, even if they have the same stud pattern. From time to time, you’ll find a look that you want to achieve, and Chevrolet simply did not account for your taste. Well isn’t it time for you to make the car bend to your goals for once? Wheel spacers are a way for you to be able to get that wide body look, without spending a fortune.

Not every set of rims and tires are going to fit your Corvette. But what if the stud pattern on the rims that you are looking at line up correctly, but then, sadly, the depth of the rim is too much, or you just need a touch bit more space to fit underneath the wheel well? That is likely a rear-wheel concern. The solution may be as easy as wheel spacers. Long story short: the wheel spacers don’t allow the rim to go all the way and set onto the factory hub location. There are several different options to choose from when it comes to selecting a spacer that you feel most comfortable with.


This week’s How-To Tuesday article goes into detail on how to properly install wheel spacers, while providing some sage advice for selecting the wheel spacer that you feel most comfortable with. The resurgence of the Corvette since the introduction of the C7 generation has spurred many more after market options. And if you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for that next great way to set your car apart from the one lining up beside you at the light.

Have you ventured into the wide tire or aftermarket wheel spacer category? We would love to see your before and after pictures and hear about the pros and cons.

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