Chevrolet Corvette Detail Guide: Products and Manufacturers

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For the discerning Chevrolet Corvette enthusiast, only the finest detailing products will do. Fortunately, there are plenty of quality detailing accessories currently on the market. For example, the Sonus Der Wunder line of detailing towels has been specifically designed for the delicate tasks of polishing, buffing, and drying. Sonus Der Wunder Polishing Towels are excellent for polishing paint and cleaning glass. The edgeless design of the towel prevents any chance of marring the finish on a Vette. Although it isn’t wholly necessary to use a specialty detailing towel for your car, when a towel is specially designed for a specific car surface, you are guaranteed better results with minimal effort. Another great towel available is the Ultima Autospa Buffing Towel. Currently the softest and most plush car detailing towel available on the market today, the Ultima Autospa Buffing Towel is used by detailing professionals nationwide. Its ease of use–not to mention its effectiveness–makes this towel ideal for waxing, buffing and quick detailing.

Personal preference plays a huge role in the selection of a car wash
mitt or sponge. Sonus offers a great selection of mitts for safe
washing. Two of the more impressive examples are the Der Wunder Wash
Mitt and the Ultimate Wool Wash Mitt. Natural wool wash mitts offer a
soft, durable material, and the Sonus Genuine Wool Wash Mitt has a
superior feel and is able to absorb and evenly distribute soapy water
for a scratch-free wash, making it an outstanding choice. The Sonus Der
Wunder Car Wash Mitt, on the other hand, is made with a foam-backed,
high-pile microfiber fabric that soaks up water incredibly well. The
Sonus Der Wunder Wash Mitt is also extremely soft and rinses clean for
a scratch-free wash. The best part is that since it’s made of synthetic
materials, it’s 100% machine washable!

While you may think a bucket is a bucket, the Sonus Professional Bucket
makes detailing easier, safer and more convenient. This latest
advancement in car care features a 5-caster dolly that makes it easy to
move. The innovative Grit Guard keeps your wash mitt from picking up
any of the harmful dirt settled on the bottom. The unit also doubles as
a creeper with its padded seat.

Carrand is another maker of great detailing products. Their Microfiber
Dusting Wand is the best and safest car duster available today. A car
duster can be used to pick up light dust from the surface of the car.
The microfiber material is perfect for this task, as it is
exceptionally fine and soft and naturally adheres to dust. Carrand also
makes a great car wash brush. Always thinking of the enthusiast, they
have improved features on the Grip Tech Deluxe Carrand Car Wash Brush
to make it more user-friendly. The contoured brush head allows it to
get in every nook and cranny both inside and outside the car while the
grip is soft and feels right at home in your hand. It’s safe on all
surfaces and is the perfect brush for giving your Corvette a light yet
thorough scrubbing.

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