Corvette Exterior Accessories Overview

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Exterior accessories for your Corvette do so much to improve the looks of your vehicle. Plus they upgrade performance and efficiency?a winning combination.

Accessories are anything from wheels to decals. And many of these accessories you can install yourself.

Let’s begin with the simple. Although you most likely won’t be able to install wheels yourself, there is probably nothing that will change and improve the look of your Corvette more than adding new wheels. These come in massive variety of designs and styles. Choose from black (or match your car’s paint), aluminum, chrome, brushed steel, and the new hyper silver wheels that shine in daylight but absolutely stun at night. Start shopping at but also consider  and

Exhaust system accessories can boost your engine’s power, customize the sound of your engine, and improve fuel economy. Order exhaust parts that replace the entire system, just the cat-back area, or the mid-section (H or X pipes, depending on year). If you choose, you can really get into it and custom design and tune a system for your Corvette. Consult with a custom exhaust shop; the result will be an exhaust system that will improve performance, sound, and appeal. Check your local area for these services.

Exterior accessories also include engine parts. By these we mean easy-to-install items like oil filters and engine covers. You might also want to think about valve covers to beautify your engine compartment, and fuel rail inserts for more of a racetrack look.

You know–another fun option is a lowering kit. This will make your Corvette look unique and corner better. How about undercarriage lights? Talk about an attention-getter. Another obvious exterior improvement is a distinctive paint scheme. Consult with your local Corvette custom shop?they can show you body colors you never knew existed.

A more complicated yet powerful exterior improvement for your Corvette is an upgraded suspension system. For older vehicles, check out,, and Start with and for more current years.

Your list of exterior accessories would not be complete if it did not include items like front-end bras (which, of course, you can install yourself); front-end lights, which will give your Corvette a distinctive look up front; and exterior trim add-ons, which include everything from door guards to exhaust filler panels.

So, if you feel inspired, start shopping for those things that can make your Corvette faster, prettier, and more valuable.


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