Chevrolet Corvette Exhaust Tip Guide

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Somehow when you see an exhaust tip on a Chevrolet Corvette, you know the owner at least cares.

The tip, or final part of your Corvette’s exhaust pipe, serves an
important function: it vents deadly exhaust gases out and away from you
and the car. The tip also helps prevent rust and provides final
backpressure-reducing capability.

The exhaust tip is chromed on many vehicles and is frequently a bigger
pipe than the exhaust pipe itself. It is often the only part of your
Corvette’s exhaust system that is visible.

An interesting historical perspective about exhaust tips – at the end
of the flamboyant ’50s in the United States, the rear bumpers of the
more extravagant automobiles had holes for the exhaust pipes and tips.
Two holes in the bumper indicated a more expensive model with a V-8
engine. These included Chrysler Imperial, Packard, Lincoln, and
Cadillac.  Aside from flaunting the panache, the auto manufacturers
justified this style by explaining that the long, rear overhang on
these big luxury cars allowed the exhaust pipe tip to hit the pavement
sometimes, causing damage. The fashion disappeared when owners began to
see exhaust residue buildup and the resulting corrosion on their chrome

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