Cleanest C3 Corvette Pro Mod Dragster Ever

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c3 corvette pro-mod

Andy McCoy’s Pro Mod Cars Are Really a Sight to Behold. This C3 Corvette Is No Exception

Pro mod cars have a very distinct look to them, with the massive rear-wheel haunches almost forming a wedge shape. It used to be that a massive blower would prop itself up out of the hood, but with turbocharging catching on, the shapes have become sleek enough nearly to the point of beauty.

One such beautiful example is this pro mod body being built by Andy McCoy Race Cars. Starting life as a 1979 Stingray, this C3 body can be placed over your pro mod of choice. Desired flavor of engine is up to you.

Extreme proportions typically make most dragsters look far removed from the car they are “based” on, but this C3 is an exception. From just about any angle, it can instantly be identified as a C3 Corvette. Will it stay in the menacing black color? We will have to wait to see it at the strip to find out for sure.

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1979 CorvetteWalk around video of the new 1979 Corvette body by Andy McCoy Race Cars.
Now taking orders, photos to come soon.
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Posted by Andy McCoy Race Cars on Thursday, 22 December 2016

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