Clean C4 Corvettes Are Bargain Buys…Pick One Up Now!

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The cycle of cool is ever-changing, and what was once cool, will be cool again, which is why the C4 Corvette could be soon rising in price.

Corvettes have always been cool cars, but like any car, they start to age. As a car gets two or three generations old, it becomes just an old car. When the C6 Corvette came out, the C4 hit the old car status. The technology had advanced, and the age of the C4 had made it uncool. This is a common trend in almost all cool cars, unless they are low production models.

Many of the C4s have been through their third, fourth, or eighth owners over the years. The owner’s ability to give the car its proper maintenance and care is directly proportionate to its fair market value. So, a lot of C4s are ending up in poor condition or getting written off altogether.

1984 C4 Corvette

As the 1980’s and 1990’s styles are coming back into style and popularity, so is the C4 Corvette. Right now the market is still very soft and there are great cars available for reasonable prices. At the fall 2017 Branson Auction, there were three clean late model C4 Corvettes for sale and none of them sold for over $10,000. The least expensive sold for only $5,500, which is a bargain. We feel now is the right time to buy a fun C4 Corvette that you can enjoy and will hold its value.


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The C4 is a great driving car and offers a ton for performance for the money. We appreciate the simple lines of the early C4s, but would buy the later LT1 powered 6 speed car for its better drivability. We all know you can’t go wrong with a Corvette, but as always try to find the cleanest car you can afford. Let us know what you think of the C4 market in the comments.

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