Orange County Corvette Driver Thinks He’s Speed Racer

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Corvette crash

Thinking his Corvette Grand Sport was equipped with a ramp-like device, the presumably drunk driver attempted to push an SUV out of the way. It didn’t work out.

Remember Speed Racer’s Mach 5? The aerodynamic cartoon car employed all kinds of cool gadgets to jump over cars and even drive underwater. But one of the coolest gadgets we adults would love to have is the ramp-like front end Speed Racer deployed to push cars aside or simply drive underneath them. Just think how much faster your work commute would be with such awesome device attached to your Corvette?

Sadly, some folks don’t understand these things are fictional. Or maybe these individuals allow substances like drugs and alcohol to convince them they’re real. According to the OC Register, a Corvette driver terrorized drivers and neighbors around Beach Boulevard and Warner Avenue by driving recklessly on a Sunday afternoon. Despite the photo published by the outlet being a bit blurry, we believe the Corvette happens to be a Grand Sport model.

Officer Angela Bennett, a Huntington police spokeswoman, said that concerned residents called in several reports to the Huntington Police Department, concerned that the Corvette driver would end up severely hurting someone. Eventually, the inevitable happened and the Grand Sport found itself wedged underneath a Toyota Highlander, lifting the SUV high into the air.

Judging by the picture, our guess is that the driver failed to stop and rear-ended the Toyota causing the Corvette’s low to the ground front end to act like a ramp. The Corvette driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, but thankfully no one (besides a perfectly fine ‘Vette and SUV) was hurt.

The lesson? Never drink and drive, never drive recklessly, and never drive like a douche, you’ll give law abiding Corvette owners a bad rep.

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