Here Comes Another GM Racecar

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While this isn’t technically a ‘Vette, it might just race with them very soon.


Every so often as an automotive journalist you find a group of photos by a non-auto-spy photographer that get dumped straight into your lap on Facebook ! And that’s what these are.


A few weeks ago I told you about how the CTSV.R is going away, and that Pratt & Miller is building a brand-new ATSV.R GT3 Spec car. Now it seems it’s heading out to go testing. Where to? That isn’t known, but the new car was spotted at O’hare airport today in Chicago by one intrepid friend of mine.


How do I know this is the new ATSV.R when it’s covered in camo? Simple — check out the rear section of the car. The previous-gen CTSV.R was a coupe and had a tail section that almost looked like a hatchback. This car, however, definitely doesn’t have that very distinctive rear line. That, and the grille is obviously from a Caddy, plus everything looks brand-spanking-new, which leads me to believe that this is the new ATS racecar.


I honestly didn’t think they were this far along the last time we spoke about this, but it seems like this car is almost ready to hit the track. Hopefully we will get some more spy shots soon, preferably of the car on the move.

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