Your Future Corvette May Nag You to Stop Texting While Driving

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Corvette Tech text

It appears that future Corvettes could very well tell you to stop texting in the car.

Yup, a talking ‘Vette that warns you of the danger of checking that cell phone in the cockpit.

Not that any of you would ever engage in that kind of activity when behind the wheel, but just in case you happen to get caught in some crazy fluke of a circumstance.

The new high-tech system, which uses sensors to detect when a driver is distracted, has been picked up by the Japanese manufacturer Takata who supplies General Motors with safety parts, according to a Fortune report.

Of course, GM hasn’t confirmed whether it plans to use the technology, but inside sources say the automaker is already revving up to purchase 500,000 of the sensors.

That being the case, I can’t see why GM’s most beloved and coveted car, the Corvette, wouldn’t be in line for the technology. That is unless GM thinks Corvette owners would never engage in distracted behavior when driving.

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