C7 Engine Blows in the Car and Driver Long-Term Test Car

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Hell, even the best of the best have a bad day sometimes. That appears to be the case with a manual Z51 Corvette loaned to Car and Driver magazine, which recently reported that the engine blew on their long-term C7 at around 6,000 miles.

Of course, the Stingray’s 6.2-liter V8 was replaced under warranty, but the incident still prompted General Motors to get to the bottom of it all, which the carmaker figures likely stemmed from a piece of metal from a bad oil filter getting into the oil system and damaging a connecting-rod bearing.

The damaged engine, however, didn’t appear to taint Car and Driver’s feeling for the Corvette. As highlighted in their headline revealing the news, “Our Corvette blew an engine, but we still love it.”

Translation: one unfortunate mishap on the dance floor doesn’t spoil one of hell of a party.

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