Regular Car Reviews’ Unconventional and Hysterical Take on the C7

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There’s just something about these Regular Car Reviews guys. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but any time I come across one of their videos, I find myself playing through it at least three times.

There’s no question their pieces are highly entertaining. The trouble is, sometimes you’re just not sure whether they’re paying the vehicle a compliment, or being condescending in their reviews, which have included Corvettes in the past and any other new or used car they can get their hands on.

Their most recent subject is the C7 Corvette, which they describe in their video summary as, “America’s desire to be taken seriously in the eyes of Europe.”

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The voiced reviewer, who flies over that “Parental Advisory” bar quite frequently, goes on to say, “The C7 goes off faster than I do when I refrain from touching myself for a week.” And that, my friends, isn’t even the half of it. He’s got a whole lot more things you’ve never heard someone say about the Corvette in the video posted below.

Trust me, it makes for an interesting eight minutes.

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