Corvette Color Poll: Blade Silver, Shark Gray or Cyber Gray?

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2015_Corvette_Shark_Gray_Compare_Kerbeck_1 textBlade Silver vs. Shark Gray vs. Cyber Gray

I’m no psychic, but I knew replacing the C7 Corvette color Cyber Gray with the new color Shark Gray would stir up some conversation at some point. These kinds of changes are bound to get people talking when it concerns a vehicle as beloved as the C7.


In this case, the discussion has been sparked by a photo that Dave Salvatore at Kerbeck Corvette posted in a Corvette Forum thread of a 2014 Cyber Gray Corvette next to a new 2015 Convertible Shark Gray model and a 2015 Stingray coupe in Blade silver.

2015_Corvette_Shark_Gray_Compare_Kerbeck_2Shark Gray vs. Cyber Gray

Pretty cool, right? Interestingly enough, I’d never really given the difference between the colors much thought. As a matter of fact, I never would have considered the silver C7 in the same vein as a Cyber or Shark Gray model when it comes to comparing exteriors, but after seeing all three colors lined up side by side, it’s definitely something to ponder. The question is, which one do most of you prefer?

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