Corvette Automatic Start Mishap Pins Woman Under Car

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What happened in Manhattan recently is one of those instances that you dream up in your head, but never think could really come to be. A Corvette was started via remote, and it began to roll away, sans driver. It crossed traffic and struck a pedestrian who’d just left a salad joint during lunch — which made the timing a bit of a benefit, since it was a busy hour, and other pedestrians and those waiting in line outside the eatery were able to respond quickly. They were able to stop the Corvette before it hit the building. Then they pushed the Corvette backwards to free the woman who was pinned.

Blame for the mishap was immediately thrust upon the parking attendant who retrieved the car, but that man claims he set the parking brake as he always does. He blamed the driver of the Corvette who turned on the remote start with the vehicle in gear.

Regardless, a woman was struck, and paramedics were able to treat the woman on the scene. She was transported to the hospital. According to the New York Posther condition was not made immediately available.

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