Never, Ever Remotely Start Your Corvette in Gear!

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BigKleib Corvette Start

Even though he’s never short on coming up with videos to keep us entertained, BigKleib34 might have out done himself on this one.

After recently purchasing a remote start for his C6, the YouTube sensation decided he’d treat us to a little demonstration on the dos and don’ts of trying to start a Corvette in gear.

“I got it professionally installed and the one thing they said, ‘dude, make sure you don’t start this thing in gear… make sure it’s in neutral with the parking brake up at all times. And that’s when you start it,” says BigKleib34 in the video clip below. “So I was kind of curious as I always get. And I was like what would happen if I started it in gear?”

The experiment quickly takes on a life of its own.

Sure, it becomes clear that it’s all a prank once BigKleib34 starts chasing after his Corvette, doing his usual pitch for likes and subscribers to his channel. But it’s still a pretty entertaining two minutes.

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