Is a Corvette Crossover or SUV a Good Idea?

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Ex-General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz thinks Corvette should spin off from Chevrolet and become its own brand.

Seasoned auto industry expert and ex-General Motors vice chairman Bob Lutz sees the idea of a Corvette SUV as a natural progression for the nameplate. “Corvette is a powerful brand that should be developed,” Lutz told The Detroit News. “Go upmarket with a mid-engine sedan using big Cadillac CT6 architecture, and maybe eventually something like Cayenne.”

That’s a polarizing plan. Are you emotionally prepared for the possibility of Corvette becoming a brand instead of a model? We’re all in if it can bolster the nameplate’s survival.

That said, we’re not exactly sure how we feel about the Corvette SUV/crossover rendering featured in that same Detroit News article, but the idea certainly seems plausible given the growth in the SUV segment. Practically every luxury brand from Jaguar to Porsche is selling a high-rider.

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Even Lamborghini is rolling out a rugged five-door vehicle bearing the iconic fighting-bull badge.

The Detroit News concept uses the current C7 architecture, stretched and made to look like an SUV. The local Detroit paper even came up with a concept name for the Corvette SUV, calling the it the “XC7,” with the “X” standing for crossover, and the “C7” for the seventh-generation Corvette. Clever, right? But this also raises an ongoing concern we’ve had here at Corvette Forum. Could Chevy’s plans to change some of the Corvette’s core elements end up affecting the original car’s soul down the road? Will this dilute the Corvette legacy?

Let’s not forget, one of Corvette’s most remarkable facets has been its uniqueness as an affordable American sports car. Attempting to deviate from its core ethos in the push to become more competitive globally could do more harm than good. Let’s cross our fingers in the hopes that Corvette as a brand can become stronger with SUV and crossover profits.

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