How-To Spotlight: Corvette Blackout Kit

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This may be the easiest way to modify your Corvette.

Blackout kits are cost-efficient, so it’s surprising to see so few Corvettes on the road with them. Granted, the dark scheme is an acquired taste. Although rare on Corvettes, the “murdered-out” look is one we see frequently on other cars, and we have a solid theory as to why. Have a look at the picture above. Admit it, you just thought of Batman right now, didn’t you?

Black on black on black — it’s such a sinister look, and it’s one of the more common aftermarket car color combos across the board.

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Another good look is the contrast offered when black is paired with a lighter color; black taillight lenses inside a white or yellow rear fascia, for example. Today’s How-To Spotlight article details how to properly install a blackout kit. Originally the kits were a flexible and thin mesh. The products looked good when in place, but were easily stolen, or they simply fell off during daily driving or even car-washing. Fortunately the products available on the market now are much better and more stable.

Take a read through today’s article on rear blackout kit installation that centers on acrylic options. Even someone with little to no experience should feel confident in taking on this installation, no matter the generation of Corvette. The article talks directly about C5, C6 and C7 Corvettes, but C4 folks will find this how-to useful as well.

Have you made this move? We would love to see the before-and-after transformation.

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