Corvette Crossover Performance SUV Caught Testing

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Corvette SUV Front End Artwork

Chevrolet may be planning a BMW X6M competitor with Corvette DNA.

More than a year ago, our Corvette Forum artists imagined a sporty crossover with design inspiration from the C7 Chevrolet Corvette. This morning, GM Authority shared an image of what could be a Corvette-inspired crossover testing at the Milford Proving Grounds in Michigan. This  suggests that Chevrolet could indeed be planning a high-riding, high-performance machine that would rival the likes of the BMW X6M.

Frankly, the spy shot of this mysterious vehicle is grainy and shows no real detail, so we wouldn’t suggest wagering a large sum of money on a crossover with Corvette design cues, but we’re saying there’s a chance.

Mystery Machine

According to GM Authority, the vehicle captured from a long distance working out at the GM Proving Grounds in Milford, Michigan was a high-riding crossover with rear glass that is steeply angled. Traditionally, most crossovers and SUVs have rear glass that is almost completely vertical in order to maximize cargo space. However, BMW and Mercedes-Benz continue to find success with their “coupe crossovers,” which happen to have the angled rear glass design.

The best example of the coupe crossover is the BMW X6, which has the topline of a sedan with the overall form of an SUV. It rides too high to be a car, but it isn’t as upright as most crossovers or SUVs. Some people bash the X6 for its lack of functionality, but the sleek Bimmer combines the driving dynamics of a sport sedan with the added ground clearance and interior space of an SUV.

With a Corvette-inspired crossover with a similar form could be an excellent competitor to the BMW X6M, which was why we first talked about it last May.

Corvette SUV Artwork Rear

CorvetteForum SUV Rendered

In May 2017, we talked about the possibility of an SUV with heavy Corvette inspiration and that discussion was accompanied by the renderings shown here. Back then, we imagined a more tradition SUV roofline and cargo area, making for an oddly-shaped rear end, but the front end of that artwork painted a beautiful portrait.

While some people are going to scoff at the mere suggestion of anything about a Corvette being applied to an SUV, there is no question that high performance sport utility vehicles and crossovers are becoming more popular. Jeep recently rolled out the 707-horsepower Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and Dodge introduced the 475-horsepower Durango SRT. BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Range Rover have been offering premium, high performance SUVs for years, but GM has not joined into the modern era of the go-fast hauler.

Keep in mind that in the past, GM offered up some great performance SUVs like the GMC Typhoon and the Chevrolet Trailblazer SS, so the company knows how to make a fast hauler. With the pending arrival of the mid-engine Corvette after the massive success of the C7 Corvette, using Corvette DNA to offer a new high performance SUV makes perfect business sense.

Even if it doesn’t look like a Corvette, we hope that GM is working on a competitor to the BMW X6M with Corvette components, as many sports car owners who live in snowy areas would love to enjoy the feel of their Stingray, Z06 or ZR1 all year long.

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Patrick Rall is a regular contributor to LS1Tech and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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