Our New Render Shows Off a Big and Capable Corvette SUV

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We had the Typhoon and the Trailblazer SS, so why shouldn’t GM give us another super SUV?

We poked a bit of fun with our April Fools piece about a sports SUV coming from Bowling Green, but let’s take a real look at the possibility of a Corvette SUV. We already have multiple SUVs and trucks across the GM family, which use engines nearly identical to the Corvette’s. What kind of stretch would it be to make a higher-performing version with a Corvette badge? This is the company that made the Trailblazer SS and the GMC Typhoon, after all. It’s not like making a hilariously fast SUV is a new concept to these guys.

With that thought running through our brains, we hit up our favorite render artist and asked him to envision a Corvette SUV. This is no compact machine to fight with the Porsche Macan. This is a full-size monster that can be fast enough to steal some pink slips at the drag strip, while having enough power to trailer home your newly acquired machines. Think about how impressive a Tahoe would be with a 2-inch suspension drop, stiffer springs, and the 650-horsepower engine from the Corvette Z06. It would be an absolute monster in every stretch of the word. This is America, after all.

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Give it some sleeker styling to make it look more aggressive. Nothing quite so useless as the BMW X6, but something along the lines of the Bentley Bentayga design would translate well. Our render here has a front end that would make the Lamborghini Urus SUV scared, and the large doors and taller roofline insure you can still fit all your friends and camping gear in the back. GM would need to do some adjustment to the back end though. Those C7 lights are just a bit too aggressive to translate to the SUV shape. Otherwise, we dig the render quite a bit. What about you?

Jeep already has the Grand Cherokee Track Hawk, so now would be the perfect time for Chevy to leverage the power and performance of the folks at Bowling Green to make a new, super SUV.

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