Corvette Emojis Are Here For iOS10 Users

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Car fans already know about the popular Porsche emoji sticker pack, “Automoji.” Renowned digital-art designer Kevin McCauley developed the pack last summer. Initially it featured more than 50 faithfully recreated Porsche designs. It has since expanded to include over 100 different iterations and dozens of wild liveries. The 99-cent app is a bargain as near-constant updates are the keystone of the project. For instance, McCauley recently included an update to animate the cars that feature pop-up headlamps.

Now, McCauley’s newest emoji sticker pack has Corvette fans in mind. To differentiate between the two packs, this iteration is referred to as “Automoji: Bowling Green,” and the Porsche pack had its name changed to “Automoji: Stuttgart.”

The Corvette emojis pack includes at least one iteration from each permutation of Corvette. Included are Grand Sports, Indianapolis Pace Cars, Le Mans race cars, a Calloway and a couple unique designs.

The app is exclusively available for iPhones and iPads running the newest iOS10 operating system. It costs 99 cents and is a ton of fun to use. The new sticker-style Corvette emojis can be “stuck” anywhere on iMessage conversations. Plus, users can enlarge and rotate the images. If there is a particular Corvette that you want to see included in the pack that isn’t already there, or if you would like a particular color to emulate your own ‘Vette, you can send McCauley a request via the page. Reportedly, he may include suggested additions in future updates.

Corvette emojis

Here are just a few of our favorite Corvette emojis:

Corvette emojis

Sinkhole Corvette

The infamous “Sinkhole Corvette” pays homage to one of the eight classic Corvettes damaged when a sinkhole opened up under Bowling Green, Kentucky’s National Corvette Museum in 2014. The 1 millionth Corvette to roll off the assembly line, this white C4 Corvette convertible was a sad sight when it was lifted from a hole in the ground. It has since been restored, but the sinkhole left its mark on the Corvette world and has now been immortalized in this emoji.

Corvette emojis

Spirit of Le Mans

One of our favorite racing Corvettes, John Greenwood’s “Spirit of Le Mans” racer was a wide body ‘Vette. Greenwood passed away last year, and this car celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2016. Of course it deserves inclusion in the pantheon of great Corvettes.

Bradley Brownell is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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