Corvette Forum Member Experiences Horrible Vacation

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Totaled Red Corvette Z06

What should’ve been a lovely surprise vacation resulted in a totaled Z06.

It’s time to pay your respects to a once beautiful car. Corvette Forum member GreenGA watched his brand new Z06 being born on February 13. He then got the car delivered on March 17. Unfortunately, this beautiful car had far too short a life, after being totaled a mere ten weeks later, on June 2. To think, this tragic turn of events was the result of GreenGA wanting to do something nice for his daughter.

After having his incredible red Z06 for only a couple months, GreenGA decided to visit his daughter in Maine, and surprise her with a chance to live out one of her dreams. All she wanted to do was drive a red convertible. So, he packed up his red Z06 and drove to Bangor.

Totaled Red Corvette Z06

As GreenGA described it: “My daughter was driving south on 95 in Bangor, Maine and entered the turnoff to 395, she was going slow and a pickup came around behind us, probably way too fast based on the damage, and took out the driver rear.”

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The damage was pretty extensive: “Every panel from driver door around to the passenger wheel well was damaged and you can see the suspension damage with it up on the flatbed. The body shifted clockwise on the frame and bunched all the ‘non-struck panels’ together. Frame damage in at least driver rear.”

Totaled Red Corvette Z06

Luckily, no one was hurt in the accident. But the end result was a total loss on the car. GreenGA said that he had spent more time washing and waxing the Z06 than driving it.

As for what’s next for GreenGA, he has a couple thoughts: “There is nothing, as in duplicate, out there for 2017, so I’ll probably order a 2018; if I can get a deal similar to the one I got from Kerbeck. If that’s not possible, I’m not certain. I may just go get a C5 to tide me for a while and wait for a discount on the ZR1.”

Here’s hoping GreenGA’s next ‘Vette has a long and fruitful life.

Charles Dean is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Rennlist, among other auto sites.

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