Corvette Forum Member Followed Home by C6 GS

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Senior Corvette Forum Member Rosros sure has stumbled upon a beauty. Or should we say that the beauty has stumbled upon him, given the title of his thread, “Look what followed me home”.

Rosros’ newly purchased 2011 Corvette is a gorgeous GM certified red GS with 9,975 miles, 3LT trim package, and the 6-speed automatic transmission. It also has a few custom cosmetic features like carbon fiber GS door sills, and a GS center arm rest.


I’d say that’s a pretty nice pickup, but it appears like Rosros isn’t the only one that’s had a beautiful Corvette follow him home.

“I did the ‘it followed me home, can I keep it’ with my second Corvette, a ’59, back in 1970. I kept the ’59 for 15 years and have kept the little short dark haired lady for (so far) a total of 49 years…and many Corvettes.
Enjoy yours!!! ,” posted Ruxvette, congratulating Rosros on his new purchase.

“Very nice looking GS. Congrats. I tried the “look what followed me home, can I keep it” line on my 05. It worked.” added forum member wayback.


I sure wish a beauty like this would follow me back to my humble abode.

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