Corvette Limo Leaves Us Daydreaming About Possible Uses

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C4 Corvette limo

We wish we could have been in the meeting when someone asked how hard it would be to make a Corvette limo.

Limos. They are useful in certain circumstances, and we’re not going to start off this post with the science that goes behind limo design. Instead we’ll just give one opinion we all can agree on. A coupe’s door can not be a front and back door at the same time. It is relegated to being only on a coupe. That said, when you try and stretch a C4 Corvette into being a limo, it’s going to look as odd as those C7 sedan renderings that came out months ago. A few feet of curves, a 10 foot section of straight lines, and then another few feet of curves just doesn’t work. But someone built it anyway.

To be fair, this stretched 6-passenger C4 doesn’t really look all that atrocious. We suppose the vinyl top helps hide some of the presumably odd-shaped roof details. And it can’t really be bad to drive at all, considering it has turned over just 77,000 miles, but one can’t be too sure how many of those were accumulated in its prior form.

At $14,000, there are other C4’s to choose from that may be more suited to your style, but how many times are you going to pull up next to a Corvette limo at a local car show? Or, if you were daring, you could do far more than that with it. You might take a penalty on weight, but it would be a hilarious sight at the drag strip. Or, try to take it to a track day to see how it can still cope with twists and turns. Not like we have anything against them, but at least this Corvette limo is a bit different from the sudden swarm of Vette Karts we have seen lately.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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