Corvette Museum Gets Beautiful Donation from 1967

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A doctor’s new C7 Corvette Z06 got so much usage, his C2 fell by the wayside, so off to the National Corvette Museum it went.

It’s always a fine day when a classic car comes home to the National Corvette Museum, but when a pristine 1967 Corvette drives through those doors, it’s a day to remember. That’s what happened in October, when Dr. Leonard Torok from Medina, Ohio, donated his ’67 Corvette to the museum’s permanent collection.

Beautiful lines

The 1967 Corvette is well known for its clean, elegant lines, but it can be hard to find one in a condition as good as this. Much of the legend surrounding this car involves nostalgia. When Torok purchased his Corvette some 10 years ago, he was looking for something that brought him back to his high school and college years, when this particular Corvette model was the most coveted.

Of course, you can never go wrong with a 427 Big Block V8 or a four-speed transmission, especially if you’ve got an open stretch of highway in front of you and the top down. The deep red exterior and beige soft top and interior create a stunning contrast. The car’s various owners have kept it in such great shape over the years, you’d almost swear it had just come off the assembly line.

Upgrades and donations

We can honestly say we’ve never needed to donate a car to make room for the rest of our car collection.

Unfortunately– or, rather, fortunately for the rest of us–the ’67 Vette paled in comparison to the 2016 Z06 model the Toroks purchased this past year. It works out well for all Corvette enthusiasts because we get to see this amazing piece of Corvette history at the National Corvette Museum.

You can see Torok’s donated Corvette and dozens of other cars every day at the National Corvette Museum. Even if you can’t get behind the wheel, it’s still an amazing experience.

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