Corvette of the Week: This 1972 Stingray Is Hot, but Getting Hotter

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1972 Corvette Stingray

It was just last September that Corvette Forum member Mark Gerardy became a “proud Corvette owner with a ’72 Stingray,” and yet here he is today, a Corvette of the Week winner.

This black on red C3 hottie is just too tantalizing to pass up. What a looker!

What’s even more promising, Mark’s ‘Vette is fixing to get a whole lot better.

1972 corvette stingray

The reason we discovered Gerardy’s gem in the first place is because he’s looking to upgrade, as he posted about in a recent thread:

“Want to get a conservative-estimate of qtr mile ET times – if I stayed with my 3.36 [rear differential] + new Raptor 700R four-speed automatic, what would be my quarter mile times under crate engine scenario ZZ4/ZZ5 or ZZ383? I am considering a ZZ454 or ZZ502, but I am concerned about handling with the extra weight from a big block. Ready to sink about $8k – $12K P & L – but not $20K.”

This being Corvette Forum, Mark is getting all sorts of valuable insight from the community. If you’ve ever thought about swapping out, this thread could be very helpful.

As for Mark’s next step, we’re still waiting to hear. But whatever engine is pushing this beauty around town, it’ll be pushing around a Corvette of the Week winner.

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