Could Corvette Fans Be Developing a True Love for Tesla?

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tesla vs corvette

Poor starts aside, we get the sense there might be a big fan base brewing in the world of Corvettes for the Tesla Model S.

I know, it’s pretty tough for me to swallow too. But after watching the video below of a P90D Model completely demolish a Z06 on the drag strip, it’s hard not to be swayed some.

Sure, it looks like the Z06 driver might have fallen asleep at the starting line, but gauging from a thread started by Corvette Forum member Garret, it’s clear that many ‘Vette owners are impressed with the all-electric Tesla.

Take, for example, CF member ZoratZ06’s comments:

“The Tesla hit a pretty good light…that race was won/lost at the starting line…giving up 1/2 second on the light is killer…Both were ‘reasonable’ passes, but not great. Those Tesla’s will do that ‘over and over and over and over’ again…Mash and go. A buddy of mine has a P85D with ‘insane’ mode or something. I’ve driven it several times…mash and go. Perfect launch every time. No tire spin at all, just hard launch. It’s impressive. That’s the future. BUT…way LESS fun to drive than a Z06. The new roadster will be impressive I’m sure…”

Or this, from member DoctorV8:

“I’m a member of both cults. As great as my Vettes are, the P85D is my ride of choice for the daily commute. It’s without peer in its abilities….best sedan in the world at any price, unless your goal is rapid transcontinental travel. 13,000 trouble free miles so far!”

Of course, the Tesla still has a few staunch critics among Corvette fans, including member 3 Z06ZR1:

“Not sure how many full tilt starts they will do. But the pain of looking at one… Have to admit the car is ugly with no flash of even being a sports car. Looks like a Chrysler 200’s cousin…Then the fact you cannot really go anywhere of any distance near as easy as the Z06.”

Still, I get the sense that the Tesla haters might now be few and far between.

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