Facebook Fridays: Born to Drive a Corvette

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Car babies

Ever wonder if that passion for Corvettes might just be in the genes?

If you seem to have naturally made the transition from riding a big wheel to operating a manual Corvette with little schooling, chances are you might have been groomed for the role long before birth.

That certainly would explain this video clip, which shows off sonogram footage of someone in the womb manually shifting, heel to toe and all. It’s so good, we had to snag it from the Car Bible’s FB page and use it for this week’s Facebook Fridays.

Okay, there’s some clever trickery going on in the clip, and apparently, it’s been making the rounds for a few years, but you have to admit: it does make you think that maybe some people are just born to drive a Corvette.

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Via [Car Bible]

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