Corvette Seller Uses Hot Girls and Guns to Sell Car

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There are a few ways to sell a used Corvette, which typically involve getting down to those important numbers pretty quickly in the pitch. Typically, you want to focus on things like the year, millage on the odometer, horsepower/torque, and finally the cost for luring in those prospective buyers. Of course, you’ll need to discuss the overall condition of the car, zeroing in on touch points like accident history, performance mods, or interior upgrades. All of which become factors for assessing the price.

However, one Corvette seller on Craigslist was inclined to take a completely different approach while trying to reel in a potential buyer for his ’93 ‘Vette, according to a recent AutoEvolution story. Instead of your typical car photos, the seller also included some shots of women posing with guns, next to, and on top of the car. As you can see below, it certainly makes for an interesting gallery. But it’s hard to figure out exactly how he thinks that helps to sell the ‘Vette.

Then again, considering that the C4 owner is a photographer who shoots everything from fashion to sports, you might expect his view to differ from most.

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Via [Auto Evolution]

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