Corvette Speakers Guide: Different Brands/Manufacturers

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Corvette speakers are not known to be
necessarily one of the fancier parts of these high end vehicles. The
sound system in a classic Corvette will likely be outdated and muffled
sounding in comparison to the sound systems found in today’s vehicles. Fortunately, you can install a new
sound system with improved specs when selecting from one of the many
different brands and manufacturers that provide excellent quality audio
systems for Corvettes. Whether you’re refurnishing the
speaker system in an antique Corvette, or if you’re looking to improve
the sound quality in your newer vehicle, read on for a few of the top
brands and manufacturers that you should look into first.

Number 1 — Delco

Known since the time of Corvette’s founding as one of the primary
brands that manufactures for Chevrolet, Delco (originally known as
Delco-Tech) is unique amongst many other car speaker manufacturers in
that it works solely for Corvette cars. This means that the speakers
themselves are custom designed and perfectly molded for your vehicle in
particular. There are plenty of different speaker types to choose from,
and another advantage of Delco is that they continue to manufacture
speakers that are perfect for older cars as well as new ones too, so
you’ll have no trouble finding improved speakers for your classic
Corvette as well.

Number 2 — Bose

Bose is one of the top speaker manufacturers overall today. This
European manufacturer is responsible for improving surround sound
quality both in homes and in stereos in cars throughout the world, and
Bose speakers are the finest in technology. Unfortunately for some
owners, the cost can be quite high and may even be prohibitive. Also,
the selection of speakers that are compatible with older models of
Corvettes is lacking. However, if you’re looking to modify your
newer Corvette’s sound system, you can’t beat the sound quality of Bose.

Number 3 — Bang & Olufsen

This European brand manufactures a variety of car speakers as well,
with a price generally comparable or slightly lower than equivalent Bose
speakers. Some of these options may be excellent for your vehicle, but
you’ll likely need to do some searching first. Luckily, the company has
an excellent website and many different store branches throughout
many parts of the world. The website may be your best bet for finding
speakers for your Corvette.

For more information and ideas about how to improve your Corvette’s
sound system, you’ll want to investigate your options by speaking
with a professional car audio specialist or a Corvette expert.

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