This Corvette is Supposed to Deter Kids from Selling Drugs

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I’m not sure if I’ve ever heard of a Corvette used in this manner to help fight crime, but hell, these days I guess officials are willing to try anything they can to keep the streets safe.

In this case, a sheriff’s department in North Carolina is planning to use a 2007 Corvette seized from a drug dealer a few years ago to help keep kids from selling drugs, according to a CBS News report.

Apparently, the car was initially going to be used as a departmental vehicle, but the Sheriff’s office had a change of heart opting instead to use the C6 as a tool in the area’s public school system to fight drugs.

“We get calls wanting cars to come to schools, and it’d be a good thing to say, ‘If you sell drugs and get caught, this is what will happen,'” Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison reportedly told a local newspaper.

Yup, I’m thinking the same thing you’re probably thinking right now as well as some of the critics of the plan – exactly how will police deter kids from selling drugs by showing them one of the coolest cars on the planet that someone purchased from illegal activity?

A better idea might be planning a few field trips to jail in that Corvette for some of the school district’s worst troublemakers, giving them a glimpse of the drug dealer’s new life behind bars.

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