Corvette of the Week: 2017 Grand Sport Convertible Off the Line

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2017 Grand Sport

Can you imagine how excited Corvette Forum member HARVEY T.GLUCK must have been knowing this baby was coming off the line and heading his way?

Check out Harvey’s brand new 2017 Grand Sport convertible in Watkins Glen Grey with a Grey interior. He went with the Z07 so as to get the ceramic brakes, and he couldn’t be happier.

“All that’s missing are carbon hash marks to match the hood insert,” Harvey wrote in a recent thread announcing his baby’s arrival.

2017 Grand Sport Convertible

Yeah, that’s Corvette of the Week material right there folks. But don’t take our word for it, listen to what some of his fellow forum members have to say about Harvey’s new ride:

“That’s one serious machine! Love the ceramic brakes.” — Maxpowers

“Harvey, you are one Corvette Maniac! Enjoy!” — rmorin1249

“Harv, that’s 1 sweet ride ” — C7Jake

To make room for the new Grand Sport, Harvey is selling his Orange-Brownstone 2016 Z06 coupe with only 2,600 miles on it. Why get rid of such a shiny, new Z06, you might ask?

“That will give me incentive to get another Z06 in 2017,” says Harvey.

Well, here’s hoping he has plenty of fun in that new Grand Sport before that time comes.

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