Shoutout to All the High-Mileage Vettes Out There

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If you think about it, sports cars are the models that should be driven the most. They’re built to enjoy, and though they might be a little less practical for everyday life and may not get the best gas mileage, that shouldn’t prevent owners from taking full advantage of the engineering implemented into their cars that are built for performance.

Corvette Forum member TheTinMan, who has his car well into the 120,000 mile range, started a new thread that’s intended both to see how many people out there have driven their Corvettes to great lengths, and also to start a conversation about what problems might arise when you do drive a Corvette a lot.

The photo up top is from member Zidane (presumably not the famous French footballer): “2006 Z here. Just hit 125k miles yesterday. Stock until ~117k or so. Now has a tune (MTI of Atlanta) headers and exhaust. Bought the car last July with 107k miles. No issues since then.”

The photo below is from LEJ Z06: “Mine doesn’t have as many miles as some but it is getting there. 2008 ZO6 with 82,000 miles. No problems with this car, ever.”


Those were the only two photos posted of cars that had decent mileage on them, but a few others — like dmuellenberg (100,000), Undy (105,000), Slow Vette (86,000), winzerguy (156,000), jkappel (94,000), southspeed (94,000) — all seem to be doing just fine.

We need more posts on this thread. So let us know if you’re driving an experienced ride!

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