Corvette of the Week: Black Hills Cruising

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What could be better than taking a road trip with your buddy to one of the most beautiful spots in the world? How about taking that road trip in a little red C7 Corvette?

In our opinion, not much. That’s why long-time Corvette Forum member rkhegler’s baby is the winner of our Corvette of the Week.

As you can see in the photos below and read about in his recent thread, rkhegler and a friend took the ‘Vette for quite the epic adventure recently. Here’s what he had to say about the trip:

“A friend and I took a trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota this past week. Approximately 1600 miles of driving. Averaged 32.8 mpg. Great ride. Driving the Spearfish Canyon and the Needles Highway was an absolute blast. Highly recommend it for anyone interested in ‘challenge’ driving. Loads of fun with the ‘pig tail curves.'”

32.8 miles per gallon? In a rocket ship? That’s incredible. But not nearly as incredible as the incredible miles of beautiful, soul-stirring highway they covered, including drive-bys of both the┬áCrazy Horse Monument and Mount Rushmore. Dare I say that driving a Corvette past the latter really puts the rush into Rushmore?

Head on over to rkhegler’s thread and check out all the comments, as the trip seems to have struck quite the wanderlust chord. And don’t forget to congratulate him on his well-deserved Corvette of the Week honor.

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