Corvette of the Week: C7 Waxing Done Right

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Your Corvette doesn’t necessarily have to be perfectly waxed to win our Corvette of the Week honor, but it certainly helps. Especially if your going to keep it shiny like this.

Check out this lovely perch in Oregon, where Corvette Forum member AdventurePoser waxed his C7 recently…


Here’s what AdventurePoser had to say about the experience, as posted in his recent thread, “This is where I waxed my C7“:

“Finally, a break in the rain, so I figured I’d wash the old Chevy. Afterwards, I had an uncharacteristic burst of energy, so I thought, ‘What the hay, a coat of wax would look good too.’ I carefully drove the car down my long muddy gravel driveway, crossed the road, and decided to wax it right here. Fun, and a great view as well. 

Of course, complimenting that beautiful location is AdventurePoser’s Kalahari interior and white exterior C7. What a unique and lovely combo. Fellow member Vettman Jack notes that it’s the first time he’s ever seen that color combo, a sentiment then seconded by AdventurePoser. And thirded by me.

AdventurePoser had never been a white-car kind of guy, but when he saw this one, he fell in love, particularly with the contrasting interior and matching roof. I wonder if he knew then that someday she’d be a Corvette of the Week?

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