Wild Exotic Eighties Concept Is a Corvette at Heart

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We definitely saw some pretty crazy trends pop up during the eighties.

Whether it was those multi-colored Swatch watches or mullet hair styles, the basic theme seemed to be the wilder the better. In fact, practically nothing was immune to the excessively stylized trends. And while the Corvette managed to maintain some sense of stability through it all, the nameplate couldn’t quite escape the insanity of the period.

This bizarre concept, based on the C4, is a pretty clear example of that idea.

Known as the Bertone Ramarro, the concept is pretty much based on the bones of the ‘80s Corvette , sharing the car’s small block V8 engine, rear-wheel-drive platform, and the same basic chassis as the ‘Vette, as highlighted in a Jalopnik report.

The Bertone Ramarro was, however, designed with a lighter and shorter body than the C4. While some of the most unique elements of the concept are wholly its own, like the car’s sliding-doors and two-tone green interior.

What do you think? Is it totally awesome, or does it make you want to gag yourself with a spoon?

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Via [Jalopnik]

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