Corvette ZR1 Receives A Very Unique YouTube Review

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Corvette ZR1 offers more than enough to blow this Hellcat driver’s mind, and even scare him a little.

By now, you’ve seen just about every kind of review possible on the new Corvette ZR1. You’ve watched hours of video, read thousands of opinionated words, and poured over every hot take out there. But to be honest, most of those reviews are the same. Blah, blah blah, it’s fast, blah, blah best Corvette ever. So when we came across the unique perspective of popular YouTuber Tall Guy Car Reviews, AKA Corey Barrett, it was rather refreshing, and pretty darn funny, too.

That is, once you get past the clickbaitish title that declares the Corvette ZR1 is a machine that shouldn’t be allowed on public roads. This, coming from a guy who isn’t a stranger to really fast modified cars. Heck, he owns a 1,000 horsepower Challenger Hellcat. But Barrett still isn’t prepared for the madness that is the C7 Corvette ZR1. Not by a long shot.

Corvette ZR1

“If you’re wondering how it feels to drive this, it feels like everything that it looks like it is,” he notes. We lost count of the number of times he calls the car “nuts” and “legendary.” “This car is sick bro. I’m talking about buck nasty. I’m not talking about just a little nasty, I’m talking about the most kind of buck nasty.” And that’s all before he even hops in the driver’s seat. It must good if he’s tripping over his words this much.

Corvette ZR1

Barrett nearly loses it when he punches the gas for the first time, literally and figuratively. Credit the cold weather, which doesn’t play well with those sticky tires. It’s still enough to scare our host out of a drag race showdown between his Hellcat and the mighty Corvette ZR1. But you can bet we’ll be looking forward to checking that out when it does go down!

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Brett Foote is a longtime contributor to Corvette Forum, Chevrolet Forum, Rennlist, and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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