2019 Corvette ZR1 Versus Camaro ZL1: Civil War on Foreign Soil

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Watch two track-bred Chevy supercars battle it out in Germany  

Initially, the Germans didn’t pay much attention to American cars. Then Chevy started building models that could embarrass Porsches on the track, and well, let’s just say they aren’t being ignored anymore. Sport Auto, one of Germany’s larger automotive outlets, routinely tests the world’s greatest performance cars at The Nürburgring and Hockenheim. In this recent video, it extends an invitation to two wild Chevy supercars.

Up until recently, you’d be crazy to compare a stock Camaro to a Corvette. But those days are long gone. Here, Sport Auto pits a brand new 2019 ZR1 against a Camaro ZL1 1LE. The pairing is interesting, but not out of line. Both cars are track-day assassins. And both cars can run with Europe’s finest. But how do they compare against each other?

Camaro ZL1 1LE battling a Corvette ZR1 at Hockenheim.

For starters, let’s find some common ground. Both cars look great; with massive wheels, brakes, and a ton of aero kit (Camaro’s 1LE trim is even wilder than the standard ZL1), there’s a pretty strong family resemblance here. And with two massive V8s – a 650-horse 6.2-liter in the Camaro and a supercharged 6.2-liter in the ‘Vette good for 755 ponies, they both sound as good as they look.


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Luckily, there’s no talking in the video as we’re a little rusty on our German. But the outlet hustles the cars around Hockenheim and lets them speak for themselves. First up is the ZL1, which hustles around the track in an impressive 1.096 minutes. Then we get to the mighty ZR1, which frankly dusts its ponycar cousin. It hustles around the iconic track in just 1.069 minutes.

Unfortunately, that’s all the info we get from this beautifully shot teaser. If you want to know more about Sport Auto‘s shootout, you can read the full report in its August issue. But if you want to do that, we suggest you bring a good English-German dictionary.

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