Stanced C5 Corvette Shows Off New Paint and Wheels

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After hours of sanding, fitting, and more sanding, this cool DIY C5 Corvette project is finally coming together.

It’s hard to put into context what simple things like fresh paint and a new set of wheels can do for a car. So when we come across projects likeĀ Tyler Fialko‘s C5 Corvette, they’re certainly worth a look. Here is a car that was, up until now, a pretty clapped out and tired specimen. But Fialko had a vision, one that began in the paint booth. And that’s exactly where we left off the last time we saw this cool project.

But that last video was nothing more than a tease of what was to come. Fialko was just finishing up after laying down some fresh coats of paint on his C5 Corvette. And he merely teased us with his new chrome-plated three-piece wheels. This time around, the wait is finally over and we get to lay eyes on the finished product. Needless to say, the difference here is night and day.

C5 Corvette

A little (read: a lot) of wet sanding eliminates any orange peel and gives the ‘Vette a perfect shine. But there’s also a lot of test fitting to do to ensure all those polished panels line up perfectly. And in the process, Fialko decided to add a set of clear turn signals. Because hey, they look pretty clean with the color and shiny wheels.

It’s a ton of work, for sure. And when you watch stuff like this, it makes you understand why so few people do their own paint jobs these days. But there’s something to be said for “DIY” and being able to tell people you are responsible for something like this. And in the process, you’ll save a boatload of money!

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