Why Corvettes Don’t Make Good Graduation Gifts

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Here’s a piece of advice – if you’re going to buy a high school kid a graduation gift, a Corvette might not be a wise pick.

Sure, that young grad you’ve watched grow up might be a responsible teen and all, and a Corvette might seem like the perfect gift; however, a ‘Vette is hardly the kind of thing you can expect any ordinary 17-year-old or so to handle.

Hell, I know a lot of full-grown adults who aren’t capable of handling a Corvette, so imagine a teen at the wheel. Pure insanity, I tell you.

Editor’s Note: My dad let me drive his C5 Corvette to high school, and I can report to you that my senior year was insane. Thankfully, there were no accidents. — MC III

One grandfather found out the consequences of his insanity after giving his grandson a C4, according to a GM Authority report.

The recent high-school graduate, who’s now a student at Portland Community College, wound up losing control of the car and landed in a creek. Luckily, he escaped injury-free.

Police confirmed that drugs or alcohol were not a factor, which leads to me believe that the C4 just might have been too much for him to handle.

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