Detroiter Reunited with ’79 Corvette

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I bet there’s no one that’ll be celebrating this Fourth of July weekend more than George Talley, and rightfully so.

The GM retiree’s 1979 Corvette was stolen 33 years ago, but Talley was recently reunited with his long-lost friend at General Motors’ world headquarters in Detroit.

As we reported last week, the Corvette was first taken on Jefferson Avenue, just three miles from the Renaissance Center where GM’s headquarters is located. Talley learned that his Corvette had been recovered after he received a call from AAA informing him his car turned up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

When GM Executive Vice President Mark Reuss heard about the story of the Corvette being found, he had the car shipped back to Detroit for Talley. Can you imagine the excitement the Detroiter must have felt when he first laid eyes on his ‘Vette, seeing that it was still in pretty good condition?

image [John F. Martin for General Motors]

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