Man Drives Friend’s Corvette into Marsh

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C3-Corvette-Crashes-Into-Marsh- text image

I’m unsure as to how many heard about this one, but it’s certainly proof that everyone shouldn’t be entrusted with the keys to your Corvette.

As a of matter of fact, I thought it was pretty much common knowledge that under no circumstances do you ever let anyone borrow your ‘Vette.  Well, clearly someone must have missed the memo, which explains why there’s a 1971 Stingray owner in Massachusetts now licking his wounds.

A friend of the guy, who borrowed the classic Corvette, accidently lost control of the car and landed in a marsh causing what will likely be a substantial amount of water damage, according to a GM Authority report. The picture shows the man on top of the rear of the car waiting to be rescued by authorities, which I imagine leaves the owner cringing every time he sees it.

Yup, I’d say lesson learned.

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