Cringe Worthy? 2017 Corvette Offering Optional Body-Color Vents

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What do y’all make of these body-color vents being offered on the 2017 Stingray and Z06?

Thanks to the guys at GM Authority, we’re getting a look at one of the few new options on the 2017 ‘Vette (except for black ones). As you can see in these photos, here’s the new cars with the “LPO with RPO code EFY” for “vents, exterior, body-color painted.”

Judging by initial reactions on the forum, it doesn’t look like everyone is into the new option. Here’s what some of your fellow Corvette Forum members had to say:

“Don’t like the look at all. Like the carbon flash accents, Its a sports car they are supposed to be busy and flashy. Instead of offering junk like this as options why not offer the HUD as a 1LT option like they did years ago with the C5.” — Tow

“Yeah, it looks wrong. It’s like they painted over it or something. Reminds me of the LT1 4th Gen camaros that got into accidents and didn’t have the headlight cutouts painted black. The tail lights are okay as body colored. I wouldn’t be opposed to that. Everything else, especially the hood, are better in carbon flash.” — village idiot

“If they are going to do it, then do all of the vents, looks silly with the rear brake inlet still black. Some are going to like it, some not.” — rcooper

“Depends on the colour of the car… some look better, some not.” — DickieDoo

While there hasn’t been a whole lot of support for the body-color vents, there were some folks who wondered if the option was new at all. Which evoked this response from Walt White Coupe:

“Body colored vents were on the ‘accessory list’ starting with the introduction of the C7 in 2014. BUT, they were ‘on constraint’ for all of 2014 and 2015. They were available for all of 2016. Aside from all the badmouthing here about how they look, I was probably one of the first 2016 purchasers to get ‘body colored vents’ on my white C7. I’ve had the car to numerous car events and at first people know something is different but not sure what it is. And, to date, everyone that commented on the look, has said they like it better than the standard black vents, especially on the hood and rear deck.”

And then he posted a few photos for proof, including this one…

body color vents corvette c7 2017

…which kind of makes it hard to argue that body-color vents don’t have a place in the Corvette world.

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

Via [GM Authority]

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