Barn-Housed 1962 ‘Big Brake Fuelie’ Corvette for Sale

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A barn in Oregon was the recently-discovered home of a 1962 Corvette “big brake fuelie,” a rare, fuel-injected example of the C1. The car differs from other similar Corvettes in several ways, apart from the fuel injection. According to Mecum, the big brake package for the C1 included “special front and rear shocks, rear brake air scoops, metallic linings, finned drums with internal cooling fans, and quick steering adapter.” The laundry list of options makes the Corvette quite the standout from the regular C1 body style.

This specific car is currently listed on eBay for the not-so-good price of $59,900. This would be a steal in any sort of restored situation, however the ‘Vette comes without an ounce of work done to it, and decades of barn dust included. Examples of restored fuelies can go for well over $100k, but we all know how restorations go; that profit margin will not be the easiest to obtain.

More specifics of the car include an odometer reading 42,599 miles, although that is not really verifiable. Some body work has been done in the general area of the wheel arches, but other than that, the body looks to be in workable condition. Take a look for yourself, and let us know what you think.

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