An Esoteric Price for an Esoteric Chevy Corvette Z06

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Esoteric Auto Detail is a company known for their immaculate and out-of-this world cleaning and detailing of exotic automobiles. Well, they’re about to be known for something else…

As most aftermarket or accessory companies do, Esoteric built a flashy marketing vehicle to display of all of the services they offer to their clients. This vehicle traveled to SEMA and other trade shows, and basically worked as a rolling portfolio and billboard for Esoteric Auto Detail.

The marketing vehicle reference here is a 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, and to say that it’s been loaded up with goodies would be an understatement. The ‘Vette came from the factory with the 3LZ interior package, carbon fiber roof, and the high-performance Z07 package, which makes it very desirable right off the bat.


Before you even pay attention to Esoteric’s own products, the Z06 features performance accessories such as an Akrapovic exhaust with active exhaust sound management, as well as a 720 horsepower Lingenfelter Performance Package. There’s no exact price on the Lingenfelter package, but the fancy exhaust system retails for $6k or so.


Esoteric then added SunTek paint protection film to the exterior for sun and rock chip protection, a 100-hour detailing job, and even went as far as polishing the back of the seats. All wheels, brake calipers and exhaust tips received Gyeon coating for long-lasting protection.

How much will all of these goodies set you back? According to Ebay, the starting bid is $90,000  bucks, and Esoteric claims it’s a steal considering there’s over $150,000 worth of goodies in that Corvette.

Yay or nay?

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Story via: [GM Authority]

Photos via: [Ebay]

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