Praise Thy Holy Nerdiness – Performance Brake Pads Explained

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Add the word “performance” to just about any automotive product, and you’ll have stampedes of people rushing into their local auto parts store to buy said product. Well, you may want to do a little research before you buy things.

Take brake pads for example. What separates a traditional brake pad from a high-performance brake pad? Do you actually know this, or do you think you know this? Hint: If you think it’s just the ability to handle more heat or last longer—you’re wrong.

Sure, heat plays a huge role in brake pad performance, perhaps one of the biggest, but it’s not the only element brake pads must deal with. How long should a brake pad be able to withstand abuse, how hot can it really get before it gives up, how much dust will it produce, and will it give you an audible warning sign before it goes—kaput? Those are the real issues to research.

On top of that, how much should you spend, and how do you know if a high-performance brake pad is suitable for both, street driving and track driving? Seriously, overlooking some of these variables could have serious consequences.

This incredibly informative video on performance brake pads comes to you by the guys at Engineering Explained. Watch it, learn it, apply it.

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