How-To Tuesday: Corvette Tire Thumping

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It doesn’t matter how sexy or special your car is if it’s making random noises while you drive it. We all put the Corvette on a high pedestal, but it certainly is not immune to problems that you’ll see with other cars – and those are definitely not limited to the engine. If you’re experiencing odd noises, vibrations, or poor handling, it may be best to start with the part of your car directly below you: the tires.

I think it’s a safe bet that most of you are like me and take tires for granted. They’re simply expected to work. Their sole purpose in life is to keep you connected to the pavement and in control of your car. I’m guessing you don’t think much about your tires until the tire pressure indicator has gone off or you see someone else dealing with a tire issue. If you’re not working around tires or in that industry, you just need enough air to get around town. Am I right?

I encountered a tire issue early this year. Here in the Midwest, once the snow starts falling, my Corvette doesn’t pass through the garage door frame unless we get a freak heat wave. That can mean months without moving. Not good. My first drive of the car this year was…interesting. I took it out – slowly, of course – to allow the engine to warm up. Once I got out on the highway and crept up to 60 mph, I got a nasty vibration. The kind of vibration that makes you think the wheels are literally not bolted on. I pulled over quickly and saw the wheels were still there. Another few runs like that and some Nascar left-to-right movements and the tires heated up. I gradually increased my speed and worked out the vibrations. So what was the deal? My guess is flat spots. The tires are all good now, but it was no fun there for a while.

This week’s How-To Tuesday article covers other issues you may have or could run into if you’re not performing proper tire maintenance. Check it out and let’s hear some of your tire horror stories. Anyone out there had flat spots like me?

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