Criswell’s Awesome Throwback Picture Threads

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Mike From Criswell Chevrolet Always Delivers Gems From His Deep Archives of Throwback Corvette Pictures

One of our most prolific Corvette Forum members is Mike Furman from Criswell Chevrolet. Like clockwork, Mike gives us exciting stories about Criswell’s Corvette deliveries and their devotion to excellent customer service. As an added bonus, Mike includes a huge archive of vintage Corvette throwback photos. Some are his, some are sent to him, and some are found out on the internet. All, however, are awesome.

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This week, Mike went out of his way, literally, for a customer’s Z06 delivery: a 470-mile round trip to New Jersey to deliver a car to a customer whose back could only stand shorter trips. Perhaps the Z06’s thrust will help out that bad back!

Meanwhile from the photo archive, we get a load of pics of dealerships that may or may not still exist, along with dozens of period photos of owners posing next to their pride and joy. There’s some racing cars, some car shows, some candid shots, and more. Just a few are below, but there are dozens more to be found in his thread.

We can’t wait to see what Mike has in store for us next week!

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