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The Very First C4-Based Callaway Twin Turbo Started a Revolutionary Company

The National Corvette Museum is running a special exhibit to commemorate 30 years of Callaway Corvette tuning right now. It focuses on 15 significant cars from the company’s illustrious history. In addition to having the cars on display, NCM invited Callaway’s Chris Chessnoe to help promote the display with a series of YouTube videos. Each of the videos features one of the exhibit’s cars. This time, we’re looking at the very first Callaway, the one with serial number #001.

1987 Callaway Twin Turbo

Way back in 1987, Callaway was just coming to life. And this was the car that birthed a generation of Corvette tuning unlike any other. Callaway has produced some seriously amazing cars, and this one is no exception.

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With a pair of turbochargers and a pair of intercoolers, Callaway was able to take an already-fun C4 and turn it into a world-beating power monster. These days anything less than 400 horsepower can’t truly be considered fast. But in the late 1980s, the Twin Turbo Callaway’s 345 horsepower was nearly seen as a supercar. That’s way over the 240-horsepower delivered in stock form.

However, the exterior of the car was mostly unchanged, aside from some badging, a pair of NACA ducts on the hood, and more aerodynamic mirrors. But it’s what lies underneath that makes this Callaway truly special.

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